Champaca Co., Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1975 as a Timber Exporter, exporting most type of quality tropical hardwoods primarily Teak to many parts of the world.

Since the ban on the exportation of the timber in the year 1977 the company has diversified her business into three main areas:-


The company has the strong aspiration to make Takrai the number one Thai cuisine brand in the world. We believe the vision can be made possible by a team of dedicated marketing and R&D personnel who strive to search for the niche in the ethnic food markets. With our experience travelling the world plus long years of business entertaining both overseas and local guest, it has been a great learning curve for us hence the confidence to bring about the success.

The other part of our food business is marketing and sales of consumer packaged food products in Thailand. These include imported and locally produced food products.

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