Champaca Co., Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1975 as a Timber Exporter, exporting most type of quality tropical hardwoods primarily Teak to many parts of the world.

Since the ban on the exportation of the timber in the year 1977 the company has diversified her business into three main areas:-


Export of Canned Tuna Fish, Canned Crustacean, Canned Pineapple (including Pineapple Juice Concentrate) and a number of other canned food. The operation of canned food department centers on providing services in sourcing of the products by selecting a handful of good; reliable suppliers basing upon integrity, good understanding of export business commitment and above all safety and high quality of the products. Champaca often interface with overseas' buyers by helping to audit the plant to make sure that the plant meets or exceeds the high standard set forth by the buyers' QA. Correct and timely information about supplies and pricing are a crucial part of our services. The Traffic department help to follow through on all aspects of the shipments beginning with labels, cartons, L/C, getting the right freight rate and keep track of orders until they are shipped and received. In the event of an unlikely claim; dispute between seller and buyer, Champaca has always been there to help out to settle matters in the most amicable ways avoiding any unpleasant encounters hence helping to keep the good long term relationship.


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